Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Vertical Garden Ideas

My love for plants would never cease and I would always be thinking of more creative ideas to adorn my humble abode with plants and lots and lots of plants.  Since I already have lots of ornamental and flowering plants at home now, I am thinking into expanding to vegetable gardening. However, because of limited space, I am now thinking of the possibility of having a vertical garden.  I have lots of ideas in mind and I was so happy to find some inspiration online.  The photos of vertical gardens above are some of my favorites.  I want something bright and bold as this definitely give life to any dull space at home,  Looking at those pictures, you would notice one thing, that DIY vertical gardens are not only easy but fun to do.

Apart from that, just by being creative it does not even require you to spend a lot. Some vertical gardens I've seen made use of recyclable plastic bottles and if you want plastic pots of different sizes, I think there's a lot of options at a local shop or dollar store.

I am very much excited to work on this project and wanted it to be a surprise to my husband and son when they come home for their next work vacation.  I am hoping that I could finish it by then.

Will be posting about this soon.

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