Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hosting An Outdoor Party

If hosting an outdoor party is your thing, then most probably you are more concerned about the total get up of your outdoor room.  Who doesn't want to please her guests especially if you are the type who loves outdoor me!

I once told my family that I am more of an outdoor person and would prefer to have my yard larger than the house.  I love to stay outdoors and enjoys a great deal of good if not perfect surroundings. I love gardens, I love BBQ nights and oh...I love lights especially the ones that spell romance.  

Hosting an outdoor party is indeed a great challenge most especially if you have a tight budget. Basically, the secret is more to lights and sounds plus a little bit of decors.  For a simple outdoor setting, it would be nice to have ample seating area, outdoor string lights plus a good sound system.  I do not mean the fancy dual subs or something similar, just a simple background music from your home theater perhaps. For the foods, it doesn't need to be lavish.. grilled BBQ's and some salads would be most perfect and of course some fruits and drinks.

I am looking forward to hosting my own outdoor party soon.

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