Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Space Saving Ideas


It's always a pleasure to look for space saving designs for your shelves, side tables or just anything around the house. Not everyone has the opportunity to own a big house, so it's always a challenge to store and organize your things in every little space you have.  I'm glad that there are loads of ideas you could get online and some of these designs are not so complicated either that you can do it yourself or ask your favorite handyman to do the job for you.  I love that bed side table with a built in lamp, it's very simple and unique and of course, a great space saver if you just have a small bedroom.

I've also seen a design where an old gitar was turned into a wall storage. It's a  crazy idea but I loved it!

Sometimes, we really have to imagine things in order to come up with great ideas for your home.  Be resourceful enough to look around the house and find something that could be reinvented and turned into something very useful instead of just putting it away in the store room or throwing it.  Creativity is the key! 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Awesome Shelves

I'm looking for something that I could do to cover the open space of our new bedroom.  I wanted something that's not space consuming and at the same time functional.  I've seen this wall shelves and though that this would be perfect for that purpose.

And for my working area, I think this design could be a good one, it's multi functional and I love those lights attached to the shelves, so nice and elegant! 

Wow, it's not really cheap to introduce home improvement projects, so if we do do that, we need to make sure that we're doing the best options that we have.  I am pretty stressed out every time  I have ongoing construction projects at home, it's messy and sometimes the workers you hire turned out to be so unpredictable.  My only consolation each time is when I see that our projects were completed based on the outcome that we've planned.

Ikea Products That I Love

I've been eyeing to buy some Ikea products through Lazada as I've always hear good thing about Ikea products in terms of quality and durability. As I am trying to update my home decors, there are several Ikea items that I am wanting to buy through Lazada. Here are few of them:

This Ikea Floor Lamp is so cute, elegant and functional.  Would love to have one in my bedroom and in the living room. Perfect if you want to read books or just do anything that requires enough brightness.  This costs Php1,1296 per unit.

This Ikea Shelf Unit is perfect for my living room and outdoor room.  I like the fact that it is narrow and can fit just anywhere.  The red color is also perfect to add accent to your dull areas at home.

I think this Ikea shelf Unit will be good to hold cute potted plants, vases, boos or just anything  even the rme fireface 800 that you are eyeing to have.  This could be a stand out in your living room or bedroom.  Oh and the price is not that bad too, it's just Php1,990 per unit.  Not bad for a great product.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

My Favorite Banana Bread

Banana bread, banana loaf, Banana cake...whatever you may want to call it is my favorite baking addiction now a days.  I always have bananas at home as this is the cheapest and most convenient fruit to eat not to mention that bananas are super nutritious.  My idea of baking banana bread came up because of my desire not to throw away overripe bananas.  You see, bananas ripen very fast and if I would not turn into something else, this is indeed a total wastage. 

After my first attempt, I've realized that baking banana bread is so fast and easy and this could also be a great complement for my afternoon coffee.  Great, isn't it?  The thing is you just always have to stock up your pantry with the basic ingredients like flour, butter, sugar, eggs and voila! You will always have freshly baked banana bread all the time.  I love the fact that I could bake my own bread coz I could eat it fresh from the oven and I could control the taste especially the sweetness.

So the next time you shop for fruits, don't foget to buy a bunch of bananas, this is an incredible fruit that could be mixed with cereals, oatmeal, eaten as is it or turned into a banana bread. 

What an awesome treat!


Thursday, September 15, 2016

DIY Cellphone Charging Holder

I was browsing the net for danelectro pedals when I saw this this DIY cellphone charging holder.  I think this one is quite easy to do and would not even cost you anything if you know how to sew and recycle fabrics.  I normally charge my cellphone placing it on a piece of table napkin on top of the microwave oven, as there is a nearby outlet.  However, I need to take it out whenever I use the microwave oven.  So, I would say it's not so convenient.  This DIY holder won't require you to use any space where you can place the cellphone, it's right there at the electrical outlet....so cool.

Sometimes, you just need to be creative to come up with an attractive and useful piece.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Vertical Garden Ideas

My love for plants would never cease and I would always be thinking of more creative ideas to adorn my humble abode with plants and lots and lots of plants.  Since I already have lots of ornamental and flowering plants at home now, I am thinking into expanding to vegetable gardening. However, because of limited space, I am now thinking of the possibility of having a vertical garden.  I have lots of ideas in mind and I was so happy to find some inspiration online.  The photos of vertical gardens above are some of my favorites.  I want something bright and bold as this definitely give life to any dull space at home,  Looking at those pictures, you would notice one thing, that DIY vertical gardens are not only easy but fun to do.

Apart from that, just by being creative it does not even require you to spend a lot. Some vertical gardens I've seen made use of recyclable plastic bottles and if you want plastic pots of different sizes, I think there's a lot of options at a local shop or dollar store.

I am very much excited to work on this project and wanted it to be a surprise to my husband and son when they come home for their next work vacation.  I am hoping that I could finish it by then.

Will be posting about this soon.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Looking For Outdoor Garden Set

I am browsing at Lazada and looking for an appropriate outdoor garden set which I could place on our newly upgraded garden area.  I am torn between the 4 seater and 6 seater sets.  I guess these designs are just right for my front garden.

This 4 seater is really cute considering that it's color matches the exterior paint of our house.  I love it's playful design and the space saving feature.

This 6 seater looks elegant with it's white and black color combination. I also like this design as it could accommodate more people with almost the same space.

The material for both sets is glass fiber and I think both are washable with soap and water.  I am really after the practical side of keeping the furniture in good shape and appearance even after long use.  I've already learned my lesson from the past furniture that I bought.  They look good when new but the appearance easily deteriorates over time because it cannot be cleaned and maintained.

I think these designs will also be good for business like restaurants and even on small parties.  This suddenly reminds me of getting a good on stage PA which we could use for our events styling business.  I hope all my projects will materialize soon.  It's not easy to do everything at once but I am sure, I will get there...

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hosting An Outdoor Party

If hosting an outdoor party is your thing, then most probably you are more concerned about the total get up of your outdoor room.  Who doesn't want to please her guests especially if you are the type who loves outdoor decorating...like me!

I once told my family that I am more of an outdoor person and would prefer to have my yard larger than the house.  I love to stay outdoors and enjoys a great deal of good if not perfect surroundings. I love gardens, I love BBQ nights and oh...I love lights especially the ones that spell romance.  

Hosting an outdoor party is indeed a great challenge most especially if you have a tight budget. Basically, the secret is more to lights and sounds plus a little bit of decors.  For a simple outdoor setting, it would be nice to have ample seating area, outdoor string lights plus a good sound system.  I do not mean the fancy dual subs or something similar, just a simple background music from your home theater perhaps. For the foods, it doesn't need to be lavish.. grilled BBQ's and some salads would be most perfect and of course some fruits and drinks.

I am looking forward to hosting my own outdoor party soon.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Home Improvement Projects

We were very happy to have introduced a lot of improvements in the house for the past 3 months. Hubby was on a 3 month vacation and we had taken this opportunity to work on our goal, home improvement. Actually I've been eyeing on some "small projects" only like installing canopy in the garden, installation of floor tiles from laundry area down to the garden and minor fixes in the dirty kitchen but it turned out to be bigger than expected. House expansion was not yet a part of the plan but we have managed to finally put up the would be "Master's Bedroom".  This is going to be the fourth bedroom in the house and mind you this house has really been a labor of love. It was not like this when initially constructed. We have to work very hard to raise the funds, save here save there kind of thing until we were able to complete the house and put everything in place.  Of course, our goal didn't stop there.  We wanted a house that's simple but decent and presentable and of course, I wanted that it should be comfortable for all of us.  This is the most difficult part as what you require in the house could not be determined in a single year, we have to go for a transition period before we finally realize what's good for us.  Finances is another consideration , construction materials and labor is not cheap these days, so in order for us to fulfill what we deemed is necessary, we have to work hard, save enough and live frugal. We did not resort to applying for loans as we wanted our first house to be raised from scratch as in every penny spent was saved from our salaries and over time. So as they say, "patience is a virtue", indeed that's true and still true until this day.

From the photo, the expansion project seemed to be complete but it's not actually 100% done yet. The porch upstairs is just temporary, not totally complete yet and the bedroom itself is just "rough finish". Hubby's vacation was over and our budget too is getting tight so in order for him to be given his much needed rest and to enjoy the last 2 weeks of vacation in the Philippines, the family decided that we have to stop with the projects.  Also, we do not want our financial resources to be totally drained, so we have to set priorities and the first on the list is to spend quality time with the family. :)

It;s not too bad though as majority of the things were already put in place.  We put safety and security ahead of the others, that's why a steel gate and fence were installed just outside the small outdoor room leading to the stairs to the Master's Bedroom.

Even the other side of the yard was enclosed with steel fence.  We really make it a point that the whole place will be secured.

I know that we still have to save more to complete the bedroom up to the last stage but we are positive that we can do it in due time.  I promised to post the updated photos once we are settled with everything and hopefully, that would be early next year.  Nothing is impossible if you are determined right?

So, this is just a part of the home improvement projects, I know that there are still more to come. :)


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