Saturday, December 26, 2015

Vintage Design Candle Holder

Just recently, I tried to do arts and crafts by making a vintage design candle holder out of burlap and lace. I managed to find a burlap in one of the shops I've visited which sells native products and I suddenly thought of coming up with candle holders which I could design by using the said burlap. Needed to have something to accentuate so I immediately purchased few yards of white lace.  This is pretty nice to do as you will only need few materials. The only downside is that cutting burlap cloth is quite messy and attaching the lace to it required patience.  You can do it by using glue or by sewing it directly to the burlap. However, materials are not so expensive so it's really worth trying!

Used this for our dining table on Christmas eve and I love it! :)

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