Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Less Is More

Since I began adapting a bit of a minimalist life style, I tried to use durable but portable things at home.  I also began to sell all those unused stuff which are just lying around the house gathering dust. I love the feeling of seeing an open space with less clutter, only having the basic things that are essential for home use.  As of now, I have several units of DVD player at home which I like to dispose off.  We never use these anymore except for one that is a part of our home theater which I occasionally use f r tuning to FM in the mornings.  CD's and DVD's are already out these days as you could already download your favorite movies and music from the internet and store in a USB which is smaller and compact.  The advancement in technology really put us into great heights.  

Recently, I discovered that you can play guitar and jam online using an irig which you can attach to your favorite Apple mobile device.  It combines an easy to use instrument interface adapter with guitar and bass tone software for your Apple device.  How is that for guitar enthusiasts like my daughter Mika?  This is so timely because we just recently bought her a new Iphone 6. 

Oh I'm so loving the technology now, making us enjoy life more the easier way.

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