Monday, December 21, 2015

My New Purchase - 5 Pc Ceramic Pan Set

Recently, I've ordered a 5 pc ceramic pan set online.  I did not actually order this because I expect to cook a lot this Christmas but because we badly needed these pans. Our old pans are retiring and since I love to cook, I think it's just practical to invest on some decent pans.  Besides, I need the non stick ones since I need to organize my time and be efficient when it comes to tidying up the kitchen. Who would love to spend long time scrubbing a dirty pan?  No one!

I have chosen this 5 pc ceramic pan set due to good reviews I've seen from other buyers.  I always make it a point to read reviews before I buy the product of my choice since the downside of online shopping is that you don't have the opportunity to see the item physically.  

As of now, I have managed to use two of these pans and glad that it really served the purpose.  It's non stick really and very easy to clean.  The anti stick ceramic feature prevents food from sticking and let you enjoy your cooking without sweat.  It comes in 3 different sizes which is very ideal for different kinds of dishes.  I love that the smallest one is just nice for quick frying like eggs, hotdogs, pan cakes, etc.

I love these pans so much as these are light weight and very easy to handle.  It's bright red color also made these pans a decorative piece in the kitchen.   I just hope that this is durable as this I cannot attest to yet at the moment.  Overall. I am happy with this purchase.

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