Tuesday, November 24, 2015

8 Stitch Lil Sew Portable Sewing Machine

I recently purchased this very cute 8 Stitch Lil Sew Portable Sewing Machine though Lazada.  I saw this on sale and I took advantage of the huge discount and the good reviews.  I long wanted to have a sewing machine because one of my frustrations is to be able to sew even simple projects for our home.  You know, simple stuff like pillow cases, hanging organizers, ribbons and other teeny weeny stuff for the kitchen. :)

This item was delivered very fast, around 2 to 3 days after I've placed my order online.  However, I need to request for a replacement since the item did not in complete package.  The foot pedal was not included in the box.  I've tested the machine though and it works perfectly fine.  In fact, I am already very excited to try sewing my shih-tzu's shirts but I have to patiently wait for the replacement unit. Alas after almost 2 weeks of waiting, I've finally received the replacement unit, now in complete package.  I've tried using it on the same day and wow in less than an hour, I was able to sew 2 cute shirts for my baby shih-tzu.  The machine works fine and I think it would be good for my other craft projects. I'm really really excited to do more things with this portable sewing machine and I would be blogging about my finished products here, of course.  Hope my machine would last long. :)

Till my next project!

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