Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Organic Gardening

I long wanted to have my own organic garden.  This desire has been imminent since I became more conscious about my health.  Is this the mindset when people begin to age? :) Well, probably yes.  I actually begin to be interested in eating raw salads when I was still working abroad.  Since I don't really like the local foods in Cambodia, I resorted to eating fruits and vegetables which is a good thing.  Since then, I developed the habit of munching cucumber slices and lettuce while reading books or watching DVD movies.  I also became active in researching different kinds of salad preparations especially the healthy ones.  Later, I came to know that not all vegetables that you can buy from the market are considered safe and healthy.  "If you are really that conscious about what you eat, then you better go organic", this was a remark from my friend who is actually into organic gardening.

Why you should choose organic?  It's because the organic vegetables are grown naturally without using man made artificial chemicals.  Naturally grown vegetables are healthier because these were grown using natural substances.  Little did I know that this type of gardening extends beyond personal benefit.  Apart from getting naturally grown produce, this type of gardening is also beneficial to the environment.  Many people also swear that the taste of organic foods are far better than the commercial ones.

I am loving the idea of coming up with my own organic garden simply because it's also good in my pocket.  Organic vegetables sold in the market are a lot pricey than the commercial ones.  Growing your own will help you save a lot and also give you the chance to enjoy fresh produce everyday.  If you're lucky enough, you can also sell the extra produce from your organic garden.

Maybe, I should stop procrastinating.  My busy schedule now prevents me from starting one but it's always a part of my bucket list and I'm pretty sure that I will soon have a full blown organic garden very very soon.

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