Saturday, May 9, 2015

Music Corner

If you have kids who is into music, one way of motivating them to pursue and explore the talent is creating a music corner in their bedroom.  I've seen this design from Pinterest and I'm so in love with the idea.

I actually find this so cool and I think any kid would love to have this in his/her room.  This is so easy to make and would not require you to buy a lot of stuff.  You may add a back drop for the stage if you want to make it more colorful and interesting but I love it the way it is.  You can just order a simple guitar from guitar center online and I'm sure you can find a design which would fir perfectly to this music corner/stage.

Sometimes, as parents, it is very important that we are showing a support to our kids to nurture their gifts and one way of doing this is to make their hobby more fun and interesting.

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