Monday, May 18, 2015

Less Is More!

Since last year, I've started to become interested in a minimalist life style.  Maybe I was greatly influenced by the books I've been reading on minimalism.  Why not?  I've seen the rationale behind this concept and I've found a lot of practical things that I think will benefit me and the family in the long run.  I would admit, a part of my youth was addicted to shopping and hording and buying a lot of stuff even if it's not really necessary at the moment.  I think everybody has gone through this stage and I am definitely not an exception.  It's a good thing that I did not really go that far to the point of putting myself into a great debt.  I'm still wise and mature when it comes to spending and budgeting. I just thought that I could have saved more have I learned the art of minimalism at an earlier stage. Perhaps, I have more investments now. :)

My desire to shift slowly to a minimalist life style has given me the urge to have an inventory of what I currently have at home and sort out those things which I think are not really necessary or those that I considered to be really extra and not being used for years and just gathering dust in my shelves.

It was a good thing that both my kids are sharing the same interest with me and support me one hundred per cent on this.  I haven't asked them to read the books that I read but slowly explaining to them the concept enabled them to understand and adopt the idea.  Now, we have been selling a lot of our unused stuff at home and it was really fun.  I didn't realize that it was that easy to sell and that we really can convert those what we've considered as clutter to cash that we can use or spend for more important things that we require at home.  A lot of stuff like used toys, wall decors, figurines and ceramics, used audio equipment, collector's items and kitchen items were sold very fast.  There's really truth to the belief that what you consider as clutter in your house can be a precious possession for some people. 

Now, I feel more relaxed to see that my home appears to be bigger, cleaner and more organized than ever. It is actually a win-win situation!  I was able reduce a lot of clutter, convert them to extra cash and made my life easier having to maintain and clean less stuff.

I couldn't be happier being a minimalist! :) 

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