Sunday, May 10, 2015

Garden DIY Inspiration

I am planning to have DIY garden decors to boost my garden's appeal (lol).  So I search online for some garden DIY inspiration.  Of course, I have few requirements though, the DIY garden decors should be easy to make, will not cost me a lot of money and will definitely add an appeal to my garden despite it's simplicity.  This is the reason why I have chosen the following:

This is very ideal to be placed at the porch, near the entry way and all you need are 3 sets of pots of different sizes.  These can be painted with any color of your choice and bear any words that you may find appropriate.  I am loving this and couldn't wait to make one myself. :)

This is pretty cute mushroom design made from old salad bowls.  This is really awesome as you don't have to buy new bowls.  You may use the old ones that you have at home as these will have to be painted anyway.

I think this is cooler!  The materials are so basic and easy to find.  Old plates  and pots and few small cans of paints in various colors.  These could be placed along the side of the walk way and on the plant box for added design.  Love it! :)

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