Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Craft Corner Ideas

I am so loving arts and crafts now more than ever and because of this, I am thinking of having a crafts corner at home but this is quite a challenge to me because I cannot find a space for it.  Probably, instead of a crafts room, I would just settle for a crafts corner.  All I need is a desk or a simple working table, ribbon organizer, something similar to what is being shown here and a small shelf for my craft materials.  

photo credit : Southern Hospitality 

photo credit : scrapbookobsession

Last time, I was so busy at work that I haven't got enough time to work on my crafts projects, besides my kids were still very young then and cannot appreciate my hobby. Now that they are already grown up, I'm happy to find out that they are sharing the same interest with me.  My daughter now is very busy spending her summer vacation doing arts and crafts for her bedroom.

I hope to get this craft corner sometime soon!

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