Monday, April 6, 2015

On Decluttering

I would admit that I had a difficult time completing my decluterring project at home.  Well, it's not that I didn't accomplish anything but I just can't find enough time to finish everything.  It's a bit funny coz if you will ask my kids, they would certainly reply me with much astonishment as in...."What? You're not done yet with decluttering?"  I've been constantly reminded by them that our house is already super organized and I don't have to feel like the house is messy.  They even told me that their friends complimented our super organized home and they, too are often astonished whenever my kids tell them that I am not yet contented with how things are organized at home. Blame it to me, I'm super OC. lol

I had practically started organizing everything in the house and I've done it room by room.  It's just timely also that my daughter Mika had a "make over" in her own room and she had to declutter to in the process.  I asked her to get rid of the things which she doesn't use anymore and just keep what she considers essential.  But this music lover girl of mine cannot depart with her old guitar and the coffin case guitar.  I actually find the case bulky and hard to fit in any part of the room.  Mika, however told me that it's hard for her to let "them" go.  I remembered that this was the first guitar that she had and this is where she first played her very first song, so I understand the sentiments.

Anyway, I let her decide whether she wanted to keep those things.  I don't want to force her as I am also worried that if I do that, maybe she would also depart with her love for music and instruments.  

But I will certainly complete this project ASAP ... as in ASAP.  There's no going back! :)

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