Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DIY Gift For Mika's 18th Birthday

I've posted on my other blog that Mika had received a lot of beautiful gifts from her family and friends on her last debut party.  She had a great time opening the said gifts but there's a particular gift that caught her attention.  This is a personalized DIY gift from one of her close friends.  There's a truth to the saying that not all expensive gifts are special, there is a gift which doesn't really cost  you a lot but can surely capture the heart of the receiver.  This is exactly what happened when Mika saw this very special gift from her friend.  I think I remembered to have seen the same idea online and to my surprise, Mika had received this kind of DIY gift as well.

This is actually a box with her name on it and filled with handwritten notes about bible verses, quotes and happy moments and memories which transpired between Mika and her friend.  It's so nice of her to really take time to write more than a hundred notes.  It's really time consuming right? and only best friends could do this patiently...out of love. :)

There was actually a note  inserted in the box and this contains the legend for the handwritten notes.  There is a color coding actually.  Each color represents a particular note.  In this case, green stands for moments and memories, pink for quotes and blue for bible verses.  Cool..huh?

There you have it! Mika has a lot of sweet little notes to read daily and hopefully these notes will inspire her everyday.  The good news is...Mika received 2 gifts of this kind.  Her best friend also came up with one but just slightly different from this one.  I think that one comes in a glass jar instead of a box and there are about hundreds of notes from her best friend.  Different kinds of notes and personal messages for her.   Awww....so sweet, isn't it?

This is a kind of DIY gift that you could give to your loved ones.  It definitely requires time but your efforts will all be worth it since this will definitely be appreciated by the receiver.

This, I can definitely assure you!  :)

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