Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Caring For Your House Pets

It's been 3 years since we first started adopting a house pet.  I mean, we used to have dogs at home but this is the first time that we had "home dogs".  One is a cross breed of Japanese Spitz and Shih-Tzu and the oter one is a pure Shih-Tzu breed.  They are both loving and fun to be with and provide great entertainment at home especially when you feel stressed out. 

Unfortunately, our younger puppy Marcus had contacted a skin disease. He used to have fungal infections mostly on the feet and neck.  We brought him to the Vet and he was prescribed certain antibiotics to kill the viruses and he easily recovered from the so called skin disease every time we give him a regular dose of that medicine.  He was also prescribed certain type of soaps and vitamins which according to the Vet will help him prevent from acquiring such sickness.

We love our Marcus so dearly and we can't afford to lose him.  We've been looking for the best medicines to prevent him from getting sick and good thing that aside from getting the meds from our vet, there are also reliable online sites where we can order various medicines for our dogs and Entirely Pets Pharmacy is one of our favorites.  

We very well knew the importance of caring for our dogs.  After all, they are not simply pets but a faithful friend and companion.  They are considered part of the family and it s just right to deliver them the best care that they so deserved.

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