Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dessert Table on My Daughter's Debut Party

During the recently concluded debut party of my daughter Mika, we practically did everything from the venue set up, stage backdrop and even the dessert table itself. Because of this, I bought one unit of mini chocolate fountain. We made some chocolate cupcakes with non edible topper featuring the official logo of Mika's party. We had some marshmallows, biscuit sticks, wafer sticks, meringue and assorted shapes of mallows. We also came up with a frame bearing some sweet notes about the debutant.  Some tea light candles were also placed on the table plus some twigs which we made common to all the tables utilized in her party.  I am pleased with the outcome but pls pardon me for the poor quality of the pictures.  We are in a super rush that time and cannot concentrate taking photos as we are already running short of time.

Here's what we've got:

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