Saturday, December 26, 2015

Vintage Design Candle Holder

Just recently, I tried to do arts and crafts by making a vintage design candle holder out of burlap and lace. I managed to find a burlap in one of the shops I've visited which sells native products and I suddenly thought of coming up with candle holders which I could design by using the said burlap. Needed to have something to accentuate so I immediately purchased few yards of white lace.  This is pretty nice to do as you will only need few materials. The only downside is that cutting burlap cloth is quite messy and attaching the lace to it required patience.  You can do it by using glue or by sewing it directly to the burlap. However, materials are not so expensive so it's really worth trying!

Used this for our dining table on Christmas eve and I love it! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Less Is More

Since I began adapting a bit of a minimalist life style, I tried to use durable but portable things at home.  I also began to sell all those unused stuff which are just lying around the house gathering dust. I love the feeling of seeing an open space with less clutter, only having the basic things that are essential for home use.  As of now, I have several units of DVD player at home which I like to dispose off.  We never use these anymore except for one that is a part of our home theater which I occasionally use f r tuning to FM in the mornings.  CD's and DVD's are already out these days as you could already download your favorite movies and music from the internet and store in a USB which is smaller and compact.  The advancement in technology really put us into great heights.  

Recently, I discovered that you can play guitar and jam online using an irig which you can attach to your favorite Apple mobile device.  It combines an easy to use instrument interface adapter with guitar and bass tone software for your Apple device.  How is that for guitar enthusiasts like my daughter Mika?  This is so timely because we just recently bought her a new Iphone 6. 

Oh I'm so loving the technology now, making us enjoy life more the easier way.

Monday, December 21, 2015

My New Purchase - 5 Pc Ceramic Pan Set

Recently, I've ordered a 5 pc ceramic pan set online.  I did not actually order this because I expect to cook a lot this Christmas but because we badly needed these pans. Our old pans are retiring and since I love to cook, I think it's just practical to invest on some decent pans.  Besides, I need the non stick ones since I need to organize my time and be efficient when it comes to tidying up the kitchen. Who would love to spend long time scrubbing a dirty pan?  No one!

I have chosen this 5 pc ceramic pan set due to good reviews I've seen from other buyers.  I always make it a point to read reviews before I buy the product of my choice since the downside of online shopping is that you don't have the opportunity to see the item physically.  

As of now, I have managed to use two of these pans and glad that it really served the purpose.  It's non stick really and very easy to clean.  The anti stick ceramic feature prevents food from sticking and let you enjoy your cooking without sweat.  It comes in 3 different sizes which is very ideal for different kinds of dishes.  I love that the smallest one is just nice for quick frying like eggs, hotdogs, pan cakes, etc.

I love these pans so much as these are light weight and very easy to handle.  It's bright red color also made these pans a decorative piece in the kitchen.   I just hope that this is durable as this I cannot attest to yet at the moment.  Overall. I am happy with this purchase.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

When, What and How to Renovate Your Home

Renovating your home can seem like a monumental chore that’s incredibly hard for the average person to deal with. Home renovations don’t have to be a nightmare and a headache all rolled into one though.

In fact, renovating your home can actually be a really exciting thing for a homeowner. Whether you’re looking to make your home better to boost the value or you simply need more space, renovation is an ideal option.

Use this guide to help you learn more about when, what and how to renovate. Without a plan, you’ll be spending time and money when you really don’t have to and blindly following those free quotes here links on the internet. 

Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the room you spend the most time in with your family if you’re like the average American homeowner. People just seem to congregate in the kitchen, likely because that’s where the food is.

If your kitchen is starting to look a little old though, chances are it is due for an update. Kitchen renovations can be expensive, but they don’t have to cost you a fortune.

Focus on improving things that you really can’t live with. Do you have Formica counters that have lots of knife nicks and cuts in them? Maybe your appliances look like they were installed in the 1960s – but not in a good way? 

Whatever your issue is, focus on small projects before you take on an entire remodel. It’s not always necessary to change out everything in your kitchen to make it more functional and attractive. 

Need More Space?

Many homeowners find that over time, the house they thought would always be perfect for them just isn’t so anymore. A lot of that has to do with the amount of people that occupy a house and total square footage of the home.

While adding on to a home isn’t something that is always possible, many people do have this option. How you do it is up to you though.

One of the best ways to add more space to your home is to add a second story if your home doesn’t already have one. By doing this, you’ll have several extra rooms to use for all sorts of things, including a home office or den.

Another option is to use part of your backyard if yours is large. Adding an additional single room can make your home more functional without a massive cost attached.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

8 Stitch Lil Sew Portable Sewing Machine

I recently purchased this very cute 8 Stitch Lil Sew Portable Sewing Machine though Lazada.  I saw this on sale and I took advantage of the huge discount and the good reviews.  I long wanted to have a sewing machine because one of my frustrations is to be able to sew even simple projects for our home.  You know, simple stuff like pillow cases, hanging organizers, ribbons and other teeny weeny stuff for the kitchen. :)

This item was delivered very fast, around 2 to 3 days after I've placed my order online.  However, I need to request for a replacement since the item did not in complete package.  The foot pedal was not included in the box.  I've tested the machine though and it works perfectly fine.  In fact, I am already very excited to try sewing my shih-tzu's shirts but I have to patiently wait for the replacement unit. Alas after almost 2 weeks of waiting, I've finally received the replacement unit, now in complete package.  I've tried using it on the same day and wow in less than an hour, I was able to sew 2 cute shirts for my baby shih-tzu.  The machine works fine and I think it would be good for my other craft projects. I'm really really excited to do more things with this portable sewing machine and I would be blogging about my finished products here, of course.  Hope my machine would last long. :)

Till my next project!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Favorite Beef Broccoli

I love broccoli and every time I go to SM Supermarket, I never fail to buy a head of broccoli.  I used to cook this with beef.  Aside from the fact that this is a super healthy food, the dish is so easy to prepare and budget friendly as well.  A plate of Beef Broccoli normally costs me a little over a hundred pesos and it would be good for two persons already.  My secret to this delicious dish is the oyster sauce and fried garlic.  Both really add a great flavor to my dish so it's really super yummy.

My daughter who never eat vegetables would always try this dish, so I make it a point to cook this once in a while to have her eat veggies. 

Ingredients are so simple:

about 300 grams of beef strips
1 head of Broccoli
1 clove of garlic
1 medium sized red onion
two table spoons of soy sauce
1/4 cup oyster sauce
1 tbsp of sugar
onion leeks (optional)


1.) Heat oil on pan, then fry the beef strips on medium heat.
2.) Saute garlic and onion. Set aside some fried garlic for toppings 
3.) Add two tablespoons of soy sauce and mix well.
4.) Add the sliced Broccoli, then add the sugar and oyster sauce.
5.) Cook over low heat and finally top with onion leeks and fried garlic.
6.) Serve with hot rice.
Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Your Definitive Source for Overhead Cranes

Whether you need an overhead crane that you can count on, want to find a way to tweak your existing equipment in order to step it up a notch, or it's time for vital repairs, you need a source that you can count on. Here at the ProservCrane Group, you have come to the right place. The ProservCrane Group focuses on manufacturing, parts, and delivering solutions when you need them most. You can't afford to waste time and money. The ProservCrane Group is a business that relies on your business. Their team of professionals is waiting to serve you.

Find the Parts to Keep You Running

If you have a single girder bridge crane, a double girder bridge crane, a gantry crane, a jib crane, or a free-standing crane, you're talking about major equipment that has to stand up to the test. Built-up hoists, runways, transfer cars, and end trucks complete the package. No matter what massive project you are taking on, you need to have equipment that will prove to be reliable and durable. Malfunctions are bound to happen. Wear and tear is par for the course. You're going to have to take care of routine maintenance to avoid big problems down the line. When you are searching for parts and accessories, the ProservCrane Group is available for you.

Integrity, Accountability, and Commitment

When you turn to the ProservCrane Group, you are working with a company that believes in integrity. You need trustworthy individuals that will work with you to meet your demands. When you are looking for product development or need assistance in finding the right part at critical moments, you'll have an accountable staff working on your behalf. The team at the ProservCrane Group is committed to delivering excellence on a daily basis for every client.

Helping You to Find Solutions

Your equipment is essential to your success. It has to continue to work effectively so that you can meet all of your deadlines and keep your schedule booked. When your reputation is on the line, the ProservCrane Group will come through for you. You have to get the job done and the ProservCrane Group will help you in your demanding industry. If you need assistance with fabrication, installation, or repairs, the ProservCrane Group will be at your side to make sure you are successful.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Modern Pergola Designs

Next to gardens, I am attracted to patios especially the ones with modern pergola designs.  Some pergolas I've seen are with roof and ceiling but some are open to get natural light and air but given the weather condition in the Philippines which is quite unpredictable and sometimes terrible, open pergolas are already out of my options.   

Just love these modern pergola designs I've seen online:

A pergola shade is definitely a practical solution for every outdoor space.  A presence of this in your outdoor rooms make your outdoor living space more inviting, relaxing and provides you and your guests with a bit of privacy.  Depending on how nice you built your outdoor rooms with these attractive pergola designs will dictate how much time you are going to spend outdoors.

I always love to stay outdoors. Getting natural light and air plus a view of nature is something that relaxes me most of the time.  There are lots of pergola designs to choose from and I think this will be a good addition to your already exciting patios or outdoor rooms.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Small Side Yard Ideas

I am planning to work on some improvements for my small side yard starting next month. Because of this, I am on a look out for some ideas online.  I already have a basic plan of how should I go about with this project but since the amount of space is indeed a challenge, I guess, I should be thinking about how to incorporate outdoor furniture without making the place crowded.  I also like to add some plants where possible.  Having all these in one small side space seemed to be impossible but I'm sure that this can be done with the proper lay out and advance planning.

Love these design ideas below:

I am just so excited to have this thing started.  This could be an additional place at home to entertain visitors and I want to give them a fresh look after this project. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Preparing Your Home For Christmas

Time flies so fast, we are already on the "ber"months, and before we knew it, it's going to be Christmas time again.  There are so many things that excite me about Christmas and one of which is preparing your home for the most special season of the year.  How do we do this of course depends on our budget.  We could decorate our homes with lavish Christmas decors, make DIY projects so you could decorate your homes on a budget or if you don't have enough time to do this and you are on a tight budget as well, the best option is to look for SDOTD.  I always make sure that I go for smart purchases, thus I never practice impulse shopping.  Waiting for the right timing will make your money go along way.  For instance, you could look for crazy deals that could give you your money's worth.  Some shops open this opportunity once in a while, so whether you are saving for gifts or for home decors this coming Christmas season, you have to keep yourself informed on this once in a season opportunity.  

Well, of course if you are into arts and crafts, don't forget that you could make use of your skills as well to prepare your home for Christmas.  Making your own decors or home made gifts will surely be a hit this coming holiday season.   

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fruit Jelly

This is a simple and easy to prepare dessert that you could do with only few ingredients.

Fruit Jelly


1 can of Fruit Cocktail
1 can of condensed milk
1 sachet of gulaman
water to dissolve the gulaman (gelatin)


1.)  Boil about 4 cups of water to dissolve the gulaman
2.)  Stir continuously until gulaman is fully dissolved.
3.)  Mix the condensed milk 
4.)  Add some fruit cocktail but don't put everything.
5.)  Pour into separate containers or any container of your choice.
6.)  Topped with the remaining fruit cocktail
7.)   Put in the fridge and serve cold.

This is best when you expect some visitors in the house and you don't have much time to prepare some snacks for them.  This could be done in as fast as 15 to 20 mins and will be surely loved by your guests.  Best for family desserts, too.  :)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Budget Meal - Stir fried Brocolli with Carrots

I am always on a look out for healthy meal that's easy on the budget and sometimes, even though I am very fond of collecting recipes, I still prefer to experiment preparing my own dish. My experiment always happen as a result of wanting to use what's left in the fridge.  Honestly, I don't feel nice throwing foods.  So, if I still have a way to put it into good use, I would.

Below is a healthy and delicious dish and this is meatless.

Stir fried Brocolli with Carrots


one small head of brocolli
1 small size carrot
onion leeks
1 stem of celery
4 tbsp of oyster sauce
2 tbsp of butter
a dash of black pepper
a pinch of iodized salt (to taste)
1 medium size red onion


1.) Put 2 tsb of butter in a heated frying pan.
2.) Saute garlic and onion in the melted butter.
3.) Placed the small pieces of brocolli and carrots, then mix.  
4.) Put the oyster sauce, simmer for a minute, then add a dash of iodized salt and black pepper.
5.) Topped with onion leeks and chopped celery.
6.) Serve hot.

This is very nice and goes well with a cup of hot rice.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

DIY Projects Using Fabric Tapes

My son bought me some fabric tapes last month and I used these for my DIY's at home.  I got some recyclable plastic bottles which I used for my daughter's desk organizer.  I also made use of extra cloth materials we have at home to cover the plastic bottles.  Then I just randomly picked some left over ribbons and strings from my crafts box plus some unused stickers and this is the result:

Some of the left over tapes were also used to cover the electrical switch on the wall of my room and it looks better than before.  I guess there are more things we can decorate at home using these fabric tapes.  These can also be used for dressing up lamp shades, photo frames and even mirrors.  

I am looking forward to buying more of these for my future DIY projects.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Trying Mason Jar Meals

Because of my busy routine at home and doing part time job on the side, I have a very little free time. At the same time, I do not wish to compromise preparing healthy meals for my family but I knew that it requires a great deal of time.  I've been searching for some ideas online and this is where I stumble about Mason Jar Meals.  I've learned that it is not just super easy to make, but it will always give you a ready to go meal every time.  You can save money, time and effort and at the same time be assured of a healthy meal packed with all those nutrients your body needs.

There are actually a variety of meals that could fill your mason jars.  At first, I thought it's only meant for salads but I was wrong.  Mason jars could also be filled with healthy and delicious breakfasts and snacks.  I had actually collected several mason jar recipes that I am so eager to try.  Imagine marching your way to the kitchen, opening your fridge and having a delicious meal in an instant! That's such a relief!  Inviting your friends or relatives over for a coffee break complete with salads and baked goodies while enjoying some great music sounds perfect. :)

Well, I might be sharing some mason jar recipes that I'm able to collect and try in my future posts.  I hope these recipes will be pretty great!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Organic Gardening

I long wanted to have my own organic garden.  This desire has been imminent since I became more conscious about my health.  Is this the mindset when people begin to age? :) Well, probably yes.  I actually begin to be interested in eating raw salads when I was still working abroad.  Since I don't really like the local foods in Cambodia, I resorted to eating fruits and vegetables which is a good thing.  Since then, I developed the habit of munching cucumber slices and lettuce while reading books or watching DVD movies.  I also became active in researching different kinds of salad preparations especially the healthy ones.  Later, I came to know that not all vegetables that you can buy from the market are considered safe and healthy.  "If you are really that conscious about what you eat, then you better go organic", this was a remark from my friend who is actually into organic gardening.

Why you should choose organic?  It's because the organic vegetables are grown naturally without using man made artificial chemicals.  Naturally grown vegetables are healthier because these were grown using natural substances.  Little did I know that this type of gardening extends beyond personal benefit.  Apart from getting naturally grown produce, this type of gardening is also beneficial to the environment.  Many people also swear that the taste of organic foods are far better than the commercial ones.

I am loving the idea of coming up with my own organic garden simply because it's also good in my pocket.  Organic vegetables sold in the market are a lot pricey than the commercial ones.  Growing your own will help you save a lot and also give you the chance to enjoy fresh produce everyday.  If you're lucky enough, you can also sell the extra produce from your organic garden.

Maybe, I should stop procrastinating.  My busy schedule now prevents me from starting one but it's always a part of my bucket list and I'm pretty sure that I will soon have a full blown organic garden very very soon.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Less Is More!

Since last year, I've started to become interested in a minimalist life style.  Maybe I was greatly influenced by the books I've been reading on minimalism.  Why not?  I've seen the rationale behind this concept and I've found a lot of practical things that I think will benefit me and the family in the long run.  I would admit, a part of my youth was addicted to shopping and hording and buying a lot of stuff even if it's not really necessary at the moment.  I think everybody has gone through this stage and I am definitely not an exception.  It's a good thing that I did not really go that far to the point of putting myself into a great debt.  I'm still wise and mature when it comes to spending and budgeting. I just thought that I could have saved more have I learned the art of minimalism at an earlier stage. Perhaps, I have more investments now. :)

My desire to shift slowly to a minimalist life style has given me the urge to have an inventory of what I currently have at home and sort out those things which I think are not really necessary or those that I considered to be really extra and not being used for years and just gathering dust in my shelves.

It was a good thing that both my kids are sharing the same interest with me and support me one hundred per cent on this.  I haven't asked them to read the books that I read but slowly explaining to them the concept enabled them to understand and adopt the idea.  Now, we have been selling a lot of our unused stuff at home and it was really fun.  I didn't realize that it was that easy to sell and that we really can convert those what we've considered as clutter to cash that we can use or spend for more important things that we require at home.  A lot of stuff like used toys, wall decors, figurines and ceramics, used audio equipment, collector's items and kitchen items were sold very fast.  There's really truth to the belief that what you consider as clutter in your house can be a precious possession for some people. 

Now, I feel more relaxed to see that my home appears to be bigger, cleaner and more organized than ever. It is actually a win-win situation!  I was able reduce a lot of clutter, convert them to extra cash and made my life easier having to maintain and clean less stuff.

I couldn't be happier being a minimalist! :) 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Garden DIY Inspiration

I am planning to have DIY garden decors to boost my garden's appeal (lol).  So I search online for some garden DIY inspiration.  Of course, I have few requirements though, the DIY garden decors should be easy to make, will not cost me a lot of money and will definitely add an appeal to my garden despite it's simplicity.  This is the reason why I have chosen the following:

This is very ideal to be placed at the porch, near the entry way and all you need are 3 sets of pots of different sizes.  These can be painted with any color of your choice and bear any words that you may find appropriate.  I am loving this and couldn't wait to make one myself. :)

This is pretty cute mushroom design made from old salad bowls.  This is really awesome as you don't have to buy new bowls.  You may use the old ones that you have at home as these will have to be painted anyway.

I think this is cooler!  The materials are so basic and easy to find.  Old plates  and pots and few small cans of paints in various colors.  These could be placed along the side of the walk way and on the plant box for added design.  Love it! :)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Music Corner

If you have kids who is into music, one way of motivating them to pursue and explore the talent is creating a music corner in their bedroom.  I've seen this design from Pinterest and I'm so in love with the idea.

I actually find this so cool and I think any kid would love to have this in his/her room.  This is so easy to make and would not require you to buy a lot of stuff.  You may add a back drop for the stage if you want to make it more colorful and interesting but I love it the way it is.  You can just order a simple guitar from guitar center online and I'm sure you can find a design which would fir perfectly to this music corner/stage.

Sometimes, as parents, it is very important that we are showing a support to our kids to nurture their gifts and one way of doing this is to make their hobby more fun and interesting.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Craft Corner Ideas

I am so loving arts and crafts now more than ever and because of this, I am thinking of having a crafts corner at home but this is quite a challenge to me because I cannot find a space for it.  Probably, instead of a crafts room, I would just settle for a crafts corner.  All I need is a desk or a simple working table, ribbon organizer, something similar to what is being shown here and a small shelf for my craft materials.  

photo credit : Southern Hospitality 

photo credit : scrapbookobsession

Last time, I was so busy at work that I haven't got enough time to work on my crafts projects, besides my kids were still very young then and cannot appreciate my hobby. Now that they are already grown up, I'm happy to find out that they are sharing the same interest with me.  My daughter now is very busy spending her summer vacation doing arts and crafts for her bedroom.

I hope to get this craft corner sometime soon!

Monday, April 6, 2015

On Decluttering

I would admit that I had a difficult time completing my decluterring project at home.  Well, it's not that I didn't accomplish anything but I just can't find enough time to finish everything.  It's a bit funny coz if you will ask my kids, they would certainly reply me with much astonishment as in...."What? You're not done yet with decluttering?"  I've been constantly reminded by them that our house is already super organized and I don't have to feel like the house is messy.  They even told me that their friends complimented our super organized home and they, too are often astonished whenever my kids tell them that I am not yet contented with how things are organized at home. Blame it to me, I'm super OC. lol

I had practically started organizing everything in the house and I've done it room by room.  It's just timely also that my daughter Mika had a "make over" in her own room and she had to declutter to in the process.  I asked her to get rid of the things which she doesn't use anymore and just keep what she considers essential.  But this music lover girl of mine cannot depart with her old guitar and the coffin case guitar.  I actually find the case bulky and hard to fit in any part of the room.  Mika, however told me that it's hard for her to let "them" go.  I remembered that this was the first guitar that she had and this is where she first played her very first song, so I understand the sentiments.

Anyway, I let her decide whether she wanted to keep those things.  I don't want to force her as I am also worried that if I do that, maybe she would also depart with her love for music and instruments.  

But I will certainly complete this project ASAP ... as in ASAP.  There's no going back! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DIY Gift For Mika's 18th Birthday

I've posted on my other blog that Mika had received a lot of beautiful gifts from her family and friends on her last debut party.  She had a great time opening the said gifts but there's a particular gift that caught her attention.  This is a personalized DIY gift from one of her close friends.  There's a truth to the saying that not all expensive gifts are special, there is a gift which doesn't really cost  you a lot but can surely capture the heart of the receiver.  This is exactly what happened when Mika saw this very special gift from her friend.  I think I remembered to have seen the same idea online and to my surprise, Mika had received this kind of DIY gift as well.

This is actually a box with her name on it and filled with handwritten notes about bible verses, quotes and happy moments and memories which transpired between Mika and her friend.  It's so nice of her to really take time to write more than a hundred notes.  It's really time consuming right? and only best friends could do this patiently...out of love. :)

There was actually a note  inserted in the box and this contains the legend for the handwritten notes.  There is a color coding actually.  Each color represents a particular note.  In this case, green stands for moments and memories, pink for quotes and blue for bible verses.  Cool..huh?

There you have it! Mika has a lot of sweet little notes to read daily and hopefully these notes will inspire her everyday.  The good news is...Mika received 2 gifts of this kind.  Her best friend also came up with one but just slightly different from this one.  I think that one comes in a glass jar instead of a box and there are about hundreds of notes from her best friend.  Different kinds of notes and personal messages for her. sweet, isn't it?

This is a kind of DIY gift that you could give to your loved ones.  It definitely requires time but your efforts will all be worth it since this will definitely be appreciated by the receiver.

This, I can definitely assure you!  :)

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