Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hosting Parties At Home

Time flies so fast, 15 days more to go and it's going to be Christmas!  Probably, some of you are already thinking on how to celebrate Christmas at home as we always want to have a unique celebration each year.

First, we have to decide whether the party will be outdoors or indoors.  Personally, I prefer outdoors so the guests could move freely and also to make clean up after the party a lot easier especially if you don't have any house helper.

Second, if you want to make it outdoors, you have to decide whether you want a sit down dinner or cocktail type of party where you will serve lots of drinks and finger foods.  You may also want to try "boodle fight" for a more intimate way of having dinner with your friends or family members.

Third, you may want to add a bit of decor outdoors.  Candle lights or white Christmas lights and some DIY colorful pom poms will surely be an attractive decor.

Fourth, you have to decide on what kind of foods you are going to serve.  If you opt to have a"boodle fight", grilled assortment of foods will be most suitable plus a lot of side dishes. :)

Fifth, you have to decide on what would be good for your dessert.  This should go with the chosen dishes that you've prepared for dinner.

Lastly, think of how your guests would be entertained.  Whether you opt to just have a chatting session with them, watch a DVD movie or enjoy music together, what is important is that you are prepared.  I'm sure we do have all the things necessary to entertain our guests at home, if not, then you can visit website of your choice to shop for your needs before that big event.

Hosting parties at home is not that difficult as you may think.  All it takes is just proper planning and preparation to make your party an affair to remember. :)

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