Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How Should I Maintain My Curtains?

We all know that dressing up our homes with cute curtains makes a big difference!  Having curtains at home not only beautify the walls and windows but also protects our indoors from accumulating too much dusts and provides the necessary shade, as it blocks the sunlight from coming directly into the house.  We may like the idea of having natural lights inside the house but sometimes, this could be distracting especially when we are sleeping, reading books or working on our computers. But how should we maintain our curtains?

Blinds could be perfect for our homes but personally, I do prefer to have washable curtains that I could change regularly. Our curtains collect dusts over time, thus it is very important to change it on a regular basis.

In between changing, we could do some quick clean up with the aid of a vacuum cleaner.  I love to use the hand held vacuum cleaner with a string that could be hung over my neck as this could make me move freely while collecting the dusts from the curtains.  Doing this could prolong the time before you change your curtain with another one.  This could also help the family members to avoid catching the dusts that could be a health hazard especially if someone in the house is suffering from asthma.


It was also my practice to spray water infused with fabric conditioner and lemon to the curtains to freshen them up.  This would somehow disinfect the curtains especially if you use the one with "anti bac" formula.  Besides, this could make your home smelling fresh and clean.  I really love the smell of fabric conditioner especially when the air blows the smell around your house.  It feels cool and refreshing.

Choosing the right kind of curtain fabric according to the season also helps us to feel comfortable inside our homes.  Of course, during summer, we have to choose the ones which are light colored and made of light material and use thicker ones during wet season.

Knowing how to properly maintain our curtains will do the wonder.  It could make our house dust free and away from pollutants that could affect our health and of course, nothing could beat a fresh and beautiful home.  This could make you want to stay at home more. :)


  1. Beautiful house with beautiful decorations as well. Looks very comfortable and welcoming.

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