Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Music Room

Only few of his friends knew that my son's greatest frustration is to be able to sing well and play a guitar.  I guess it was his dream to become good at music but it seems that this dream never came into a reality since even after he graduated from college, my son never learned to play even a single musical instrument (lol). Whenever we're at home or elsewhere, he would always act and pretend like he's good at it and me and my daughter would always volunteer to have his photos taken as a souvenir.

When we were in Thailand, we are hoping to watch a local band play as we are quite intrigued on their kind of music, unfortunately, we were not able to do that due to time constraint.

Speaking of bands and music, I've found out during our trip that there are lots of Filipino bands playing in Thailand particularly in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket.  Filipinos are well known to be good singers and musicians so I understand my son's sentiments and desire to be one.     

I think, the first step to appreciate a good music is to ensure the quality of the sound system that you're using. I've attended several parties before and it is such an annoying experience to have an irritating sound system in the background.  Choosing the best sound system equipped with the best amplifiers such as Genz-Benz Amplifiers is a must if you really want to have a good party experience.  


How I wish we could have a music room in the house, perhaps that would be a great start for my kids to be trained in music well whether be it playing musical instruments or just develop their voice for singing.

I once tried to scout for music room designs online but my plan didn't actually push through as my son and daughter suddenly shifted their interest to another field of entertainment but given the opportunity, I would certainly love to have one in the house someday.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Simple and Economical Outdoor Shower

If you have an extra space in your yard and you want to create an extra shower room for your visitors or a bathroom where you could have a quick shower if the other bathroom in the house is occupied, then this is a cool idea.  This could just be an extension from the space outside your kitchen or dining room or perhaps from your backyard.  Materials used are basic,simple and economical.  I think it's very easy to do to.  If the man in your house has a basic plumbing skills, perhaps this could pass as a weekend DIY project, too.
What do you think?

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