Monday, July 28, 2014

Under Sink Storage

If you are a home maker who loves to clean and organize, chances are you would probably find a smart way to store your cleaning supplies and materials in a concealed place where nobody could see. Well, that;s just normal and the challenge lies with smart storage solutions.  I had several sinks in both our main kitchen and dirty kitchen as well as in the laundry area but I never really make full use of those.  Probably, it doesn't have sufficient shelves or dividers for me to put everything in place.

Well, this under the sink storage idea is pretty cool and a smart way to create more storage spaces on under the sink cabinets.  Mine is lacking of dividers and shelves thus I can't possibly put in all those little stuff.  I can't wait to try this at home!  

Monday, July 14, 2014

Our Home Backyard

This is how our backyard looks like a year ago before a strong typhoon "habagat" hits the Philippines.  We had these pieces of bamboos erected in the yard to divide our so called working area with the entire yard. We did it this way so that we could accommodate parties at home held at this backyard that will still look presentable even if it's just a bare lot with just some ornamental plants on the sides.  I think we've managed to transform that "bare lot" into something useful, in fact my daughter and son's graduation party was held there.  This is how it looked like during that party:

After the typhoon, the erected bamboos collapsed and everything in the yard was a mess.  We've decided to take out the bamboos as these are already an eye sore after that "habagat" incident.  Hubby had the lot filled with soil and sand from the river to increase the height of the ground.  We just have this lot ready once we've already prepared to erect another house.  We're actually planning to have the ground cemented so that we could turn it into something like an activity area for the family.  Hubby would love to have a basketball court erected for him and our son Edmar.  We also would like to have a huge space for our pet shi-tzus to walk and play around.  Hopefully, we could have the area ready for this purpose by next year.  It's not really easy to introduce home improvements these days due to the heavy cost of labor and materials, so we have to be financially prepared first.

But you know what? Introducing some improvements in the house seemed to be a stress reliever for me. :)

Til our next project! 
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