Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vertical Garden

We took a shot of this vertical garden inside Camp John Hay in Baguio during our recent visit there.  I couldn't help but stop and have a look at this huge vertical garden.  I would admit, this has been my long time plan... to build my own vertical garden at home.  Why not? A vertical garden is a real space saver and you can grow a variety of plants in just a small portion of your yard.  Amazing, isn't it?  No wonder vertical garden is so "in" today especially on public parks and spaces.

I've actually seen the wall garden of Ms. Kris Aquino when she featured her new home at Kris TV and wow, hers is a collection of organic vegetables. She's right! Having one at home would ensure you of a steady supply of fresh greens for your salad anytime of the day! 

I wish I could start building my own vertical garden and wall garden soon! :)

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