Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pet Grooming Station

Since we love our furry friends so much, we've decided that taking good care of their hygiene is a must!  Me and my son both agreed that they deserved to have their own grooming station where they could have their bath and also where they could have their hair trimmed and their nails cut.  They have now their very own space for grooming courtesy of hubby.  Well, thanks for that, your support is very much appreciated. :)

 To be honest, I also thought of having this pet grooming station for hygienic purposes as I don't want the kids to simply bath the dog and cut their hair everywhere around the house.  They should have their own place for this so as not to mess up with the other activities in the house.  Doing this in the laundry area or in the dirty kitchen is definitely not a good idea.

This is another great project that we've accomplished this last summer!  Cheers to that!

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