Sunday, June 29, 2014

Laundry Area At Home

We're just done updating our laundry area.  Due to budget constraint, it was not done yet exactly how I wanted it but I'm already happy that at least, we are able to make some minor improvements. Aside from repainting the gates, grills and fence, we were able to add two sinks.  One is for washing clothes and one is for grooming our beloved pets. 

This is our pet grooming station

We had the fence repainted with a touch of yellow to complement with the two new sinks and I guess it's perfectly fine.

This is the dual sink.  One for washing clothes and the other one for grooming the pets.  We have installed floating shelves so we could place some laundry detergents, bars and soaps and for the grooming station, so we could place some dog shampoos and brushes.

I am still planning to install new gates and grills over the fence so we could make an enclosure during the rainy season.  maybe this will be our next move together with installing tiles on the entire laundry area.  This site is actually alongside our front pocket garden and I am also planning to save the front portion of the laundry area as an extension of our garden.  I think that would be a perfect idea to make every space functional.

Hopefully we could do this by next year. :) 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pet Grooming Station

Since we love our furry friends so much, we've decided that taking good care of their hygiene is a must!  Me and my son both agreed that they deserved to have their own grooming station where they could have their bath and also where they could have their hair trimmed and their nails cut.  They have now their very own space for grooming courtesy of hubby.  Well, thanks for that, your support is very much appreciated. :)

 To be honest, I also thought of having this pet grooming station for hygienic purposes as I don't want the kids to simply bath the dog and cut their hair everywhere around the house.  They should have their own place for this so as not to mess up with the other activities in the house.  Doing this in the laundry area or in the dirty kitchen is definitely not a good idea.

This is another great project that we've accomplished this last summer!  Cheers to that!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vertical Garden

We took a shot of this vertical garden inside Camp John Hay in Baguio during our recent visit there.  I couldn't help but stop and have a look at this huge vertical garden.  I would admit, this has been my long time plan... to build my own vertical garden at home.  Why not? A vertical garden is a real space saver and you can grow a variety of plants in just a small portion of your yard.  Amazing, isn't it?  No wonder vertical garden is so "in" today especially on public parks and spaces.

I've actually seen the wall garden of Ms. Kris Aquino when she featured her new home at Kris TV and wow, hers is a collection of organic vegetables. She's right! Having one at home would ensure you of a steady supply of fresh greens for your salad anytime of the day! 

I wish I could start building my own vertical garden and wall garden soon! :)

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