Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Lights Installed In Our Dining Room and Kitchen

Hooray! Hubby bought new lights for our kitchen and dining and it surely made our kitchen and dining area properly illuminated during meal time and not only that, it gives our dining area a touch of class and elegance. I was blessed to have a supportive husband who shares the same passion with me...decorating!

Actually, we have few reasons why we've decided to upgrade our lights in the dining area.  Aside from transforming the look of the area, we also would like to conserve energy.  Previously, we are using a chandelier in our dining room equipped with several halogen bulbs which are not bright enough to illuminate the area but also add up to the high cost of our electric bills.  we wanted a brighter dining room and kitchen but we don't want to suffer from paying our electric bills, so we did look for some pretty alternatives.

Thanks o hubby for making this possible, we have now an elegant looking kitchen and dining which is bright enough to suit our needs. :)


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Indoor Plants From Baguio

On our recent trip to Baguio, I've managed to buy some plants (I will never go home without one). Plants in Baguio are really cheap, it's more than double the price here in the Philippines.

This is what they call as "money plant", I bought one pot and I've managed to divide it into 5 pots.  One of the guys whom we met at the Wright Park told us that this money plant is actually so easy to propagate.  All you have to do is just to plant it's leaves and it will grow from there (amazing huh).  well, according to my research, this is a "lucky plant" and can be grown indoors. This has to be tied with red ribbons when it comes to a desired size if you wish to add it as a decoration in your homes.

This plant is quite pricey and is called Lemon Pine Tree.  The seller told me that this could be used to get rid of insects around the house or yard.  If planted in a big pot, this could grow taller, maybe around 5 ft in height. I wasn't able to transfer it into a pot yet coz I wanted a bigger pot.

I wasn't able to get the name of this plant.  The seller told me that it's a bonsai plant and I bought this already arranged.  This is now displayed at the center table in my living room.

My love for plants started when I owned our first house.  It has a yard and I, together with my Mom managed to surround it with plants.  It really helps a lot in beautifying our home, from then on, gardening has already been my hobby.

Will feature more of my collections in my future posts.

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