Monday, March 3, 2014

Tools Storage Corner

Eclectic Garage And Shed by Dallas Media & Bloggers The Cavender Diary

I was ecstatic when I see this photo!  It's been a long time problem for me on how I would be able to organize our home tools in just one area.  I guess you could imagine how difficult it is to look around the house whenever your handy man would ask for some specific tools that would be needed for simple repair works at home.  I would admit, that's been my problem ever since. Most of the time, I can't recall where did I keep the electrical tape, some nails, glues and screws.  It's all over the place.  We also have some left over electrical wires scattered everywhere in the house.  It's really a stressful situation when you find something but you can't locate it during the time that you needed t badly.  This is the reason why I became a big fan of home organization.  I think this storage shelves for tools is really cool.  It has a space for everything!  I would certainly include this on my long list of projects. :)

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