Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The New Home of Ms. Kris Aquino Featured on Kris TV

This has been a long overdue post! I was supposed to have it published since last month but I can't really have the luxury of time to work on this.  I had the privilege to watch that episode on Kris TV where for the first time, the new home of Ms. Kris Aquino was shown on TV.  I remembered having published same article on my other blog but that was the previous house that Kris had for her and her two kids.

I was surprised upon seeing the latest house as this is quite far from the taste of Ms. Kris Aquino when it comes to house designs and color motif.  I used to see her on TV adoring colors!  I think she loves anything that's colorful and vibrant!  This was very evident on her last house.  She got that pink kitchen, purple and red living room and that striking yellow jeepney inspired bed for Josh.  A really colorful house!  It was artistically designed though and looking at the house would really give you a glimpse of Ms. Kris Aquino's vibrant and bubbly personality. Thus, it was surprising though that this time, in her new home, she used plain colors all over the areas and I find it simple but exudes with class and elegance.  Here are some of the photos that I got from watching that episode.  All photos courtesy of ABS-CBN Kris TV.

Inside Kris walking closet where we could see her collection of branded bags, shoes and wardrobe

Her clothes and pants are neatly arranged and take note...color coding. :)

Kris bedroom, she got that favorite Bible verse displayed on the wall. 

As Kris is a devout Catholic, she can never live without the sacred images displayed on her house.

A photo of their living room

Inside Bimby's bedroom! Nice drum set, isn't it?

Kris own bathroom. Noticed that she now changed to plain white.  A good choice!

Inside Josh bedroom

There you go! This is just a sneak peek of Ms. Kris Aquino's newest home.  My favorite part of her house is her vertical garden where she has a collection of herbs and greens.  Unfortunately, I do not have a decent photo that could be posted here showing the beautiful vertical garden.  It has it's own water system, so it's really cool!

I really love her taste for home designs and even her home furnishings are really exceptional.  If you want to see more of her house, you can still catch that episode on Kris TV with her special guest, no other than her closest friend, Mr. Boy Abunda.

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