Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cleaning Leather Sofas

We do have a leather sofa in the living room and I prefer it black and shiny.  Not only it looks very elegant but it also looks  stylish and modern.  I would admit, it is sometimes hard to maintain a leather furniture but with few tricks, everything comes nice and easy.

As for my case I am just using a home made cleaning solution.  It is actually a mixture of a dish washing solution plus few drops of Downy fabric conditioner and few drops of oil.  The fabric conditioner is just solely for the purpose of deodorizing the leather.  I really love the smell of downy .  It makes my house feeling cool and fresh.  The sweet smelling fragrance makes our house so conducive for resting and relaxation.  I added few drops of oil so that the leather will appear to be shiny.  I just use a damp cloth, dip it in the cleaning solution, squeeze the excess solution and wipe the leather sofa gently with few strokes.

I do it like one or twice a week to freshen my sofa. Try it!

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