Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bedside Storage

I've actually thought of doing this for quite sometime now but I am procrastinating.  I wanted my husband to be here before I start with all those organizing projects that I wanted to accomplish.  I could actually hire a handyman to do these things for me, but I think that my husband's presence would make a difference.  He got lots of friends and this could be done as a weekend project.  I also wanted to have some home projects that would keep him occupied at home and ease that boredom.  I know him so well, he love to do things at home and this somehow gives him a sense of fulfillment so I don't want to take away that feeling from him. :)

A good excuse, huh? lol

But kidding aside, we have lots of left over pieces of thick plywood in the backyard and I guess saving those for these organizing projects will put them into good use.  I am now listing all my future projects so I won't miss anything when the time comes.  

This one is definitely be included in my list!  

1 comment:

  1. I like this bedside storage of magazines. Perhaps if I'll have my own home, I'll do this. :)


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