Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wall Mount Desk

I felt ecstatic when I saw this photo online.  I am in search for more storage solutions at home since we had a lot of left over panels of thick plywood last November after I asked a wood carpenter to fabricate a new closet and TV rack for my bedroom and another TV rack for the living room.  I bought the thickest size of woods and it's really expensive so I felt like throwing the left over pieces will be a total waste of money.  I need to find ways to put those pieces of woods into good use and I thought of coming up with some "small projects" like creating small shelves and mobile laptop stand or anything that we could fabricate out of those left over pieces of woods.

I'm also trying to save some previous space in the house so I am really scouting for a design that's space saving, too.  This wall mount desk is pretty cool! You can fold it when not in use and it has tiny shelves which can hold some small notebooks and papers and pens for jotting some important reminders.

What do you think?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Woven Texture Inspired Bedroom

Do you know what I like about this bedroom?  The rustic look of this bedroom was made possible by the presence of various woven textures.  I especially love the mirror above the bed, it's so unique and catchy. The green bedside stool is really cute and complements well with the overall motif of the room.  The burlap curtains is so natural and was able to balance the decors inside the room.  In this particular design, every furniture and decor plays an important role.  It seemed to me that the overall look will not be complete with the absence of any of the above elements.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Advantages of Having a Backyard Garden

It's been my long time plan to start a vegetable garden at home but since I was away from home for several years due to my work abroad, it's always being delayed.  Now that I'm already back home and plan to stay here for good, I wish to continue what was already started by my house helper.  I am planning to add more varieties to what we currently have in the backyard.  I think starting with green leafy vegetables should be the priority coz this is the kind of vegetable that's hard to store in the fridge as it easily gets withered.

I am planning to buy some seeds but I think I just have to buy a grown up plant so it would be easier and faster.  I've seen some herbs and other vegetables like pepper, lady finger, tomatoes, etc from one of the local supermarkets and I am planning to buy some.  I wouldn't buy it all at the same time but maybe just two varieties per month until I'm able to complete my garden. :)

Growing your own vegetables has a lot of benefits.  It's therapeutic, relaxing and life saving.  Not only you can assure yourself and your family of safe and fresh produce each time you require some for your chosen meal for the day, it also helps you save money going to the market just to get fresh veggies for your "pinakbet" or "diningding" or even for your salads.  

Gardening is also a good form of exercise as you move around a lot watering, weeding and cultivating the soil of your garden.  Having more plants and vegetables in your garden also allows you to have a clean and green environment. Using compost as fertilizers for your plants as this equates to lesser trash being thrown away on dump site and you can be assured of vegetables that's safe and free from chemicals.

One of my new year's resolutions is to start with a healthy lifestyle and I guess growing my own vegetable garden is the first step to achieving this goal. :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bedside Storage

I've actually thought of doing this for quite sometime now but I am procrastinating.  I wanted my husband to be here before I start with all those organizing projects that I wanted to accomplish.  I could actually hire a handyman to do these things for me, but I think that my husband's presence would make a difference.  He got lots of friends and this could be done as a weekend project.  I also wanted to have some home projects that would keep him occupied at home and ease that boredom.  I know him so well, he love to do things at home and this somehow gives him a sense of fulfillment so I don't want to take away that feeling from him. :)

A good excuse, huh? lol

But kidding aside, we have lots of left over pieces of thick plywood in the backyard and I guess saving those for these organizing projects will put them into good use.  I am now listing all my future projects so I won't miss anything when the time comes.  

This one is definitely be included in my list!  

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cleaning Leather Sofas

We do have a leather sofa in the living room and I prefer it black and shiny.  Not only it looks very elegant but it also looks  stylish and modern.  I would admit, it is sometimes hard to maintain a leather furniture but with few tricks, everything comes nice and easy.

As for my case I am just using a home made cleaning solution.  It is actually a mixture of a dish washing solution plus few drops of Downy fabric conditioner and few drops of oil.  The fabric conditioner is just solely for the purpose of deodorizing the leather.  I really love the smell of downy .  It makes my house feeling cool and fresh.  The sweet smelling fragrance makes our house so conducive for resting and relaxation.  I added few drops of oil so that the leather will appear to be shiny.  I just use a damp cloth, dip it in the cleaning solution, squeeze the excess solution and wipe the leather sofa gently with few strokes.

I do it like one or twice a week to freshen my sofa. Try it!

Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY Magazine Organizer

I've seen this organization idea online and I love their featured DIY magazine organizer.  This was made possible by getting a piece of plywood that's junked somewhere in your backyard and cutting some strong fabrics which will then be used as pockets to hold the magazines.  All you need is that piece of plywood and fabric plus wood trims to finish the look.  I especially love the idea that you can choose the fabric you like to complement the color of your bedroom r living room. Really cool!

This will probably be one of my projects for 2014!

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