Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vases and Bamboos

When it comes to home decorations, I always love that oriental look and basically, my main subjects are vases and bamboos.  I love vases especially the one with earth colors.  I love it more when you got to pair it with bamboos.  I find it cool and appealing.  It doesn't only beautify your space but it looks very refreshing. 
Maybe because, I have that impression that I am outdoors whenever I see bamboos.

I had the chance to go around the mall last weekend and I passed that Christmas Bazaar where there are lots of home decors on display.  I cannot control myself but to have a closer look at these beautiful vases with bamboos.  Luckily that no one stopped me when I took a shot of these in front of the store. (lol)  

Really lovely, right?  If you are on a budget, you can skip buying bamboos from malls as it's more expensive to get one there.  I suggest you get it from the market or you can contact someone staying on the countryside to get those bamboos from you, that's how I've done it before and it saved me a lot of bucks. Also, instead of the vases shown above, you may opt to get ordinary plant pots.  It's not about the kind of material you used, it's how you you use your creativity to arrange your vases and bamboos.  :)

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