Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY : Vase Arrangement

Last week, I had a chance to work on some DIY projects at home.  I'm much into arts and crafts lately and upon seeing this old vase sitting in one corner of the living room, I've decided to put some twist by adding some gift cloth and ribbons which are already available in the house.  As much as possible, I want to decorate on a budget and avoid spending much on fancy things that we could buy from the shops.  Creativity is the key and there's always something that we could do out of what we have at home. :)

Here's what I've got:

Did you notice what's inside? Those are actually broom sticks (walis tingting) which were adorned by some dried bark of trees shaped into leaves.  I really like it and this beautiful creation is now occupying the corner space of our living room.

I also make a center piece for our center table that matches my vase.  I got to replace it from time to time depending on the occasion and depending on my mood, lol.

Till my next project! :)


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