Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY : Memo Board

I am pleased with the outcome of my newest project! A DIY Memo Board a.k.a. "Reminder's Board". :)

This is actually at the back of the door of one of the shelves of my wardrobe cabinet.  I want to maximize the space that I've got and since I've found it bare, I thought of creating a memo board out of that door.  It will make the door more functional and at the same time, I will always be reminded about my tasks every time I open that shelf which is actually happens few times a day.

I also decorated it with some cute proverbs and sayings which I printed from the computer.  It makes my memo board colorful and attractive!

The only thing I spent for in this project is the cork board which I bought from National Book Store for Php117.00.  The rest were just acquired from my old organizers and some were printed from our computer.

Now, I will always be reminded with my appointments or daily tasks and everything seemed organized! :)

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