Monday, December 2, 2013

Creating More Closet Storage

When I decided to replace my wardrobe cabinet after the old one has been destroyed by the great flood that struck the city, I purposely ordered for a bigger one.  I have lots of personal stuff and this includes all the things that I've acquired when I was still working in Cambodia.  My old cabinet is not that big and I didn't think of replacing it then since I just stay in the Philippines once in a while during my scheduled vacations which would not normally last for even a month.  But now that I'm staying home for good, I need to create more space for my clothes, bags, fashion accessories, toiletries, make up, skin care products, perfumes and a lot more. :)

I love organizing and it's a fact.  I've been reorganizing everything in the house since I arrived and I'm not yet done until now. :)  Well, I'm fond of printing labels for the storage baskets in the cabinet and crafts corner as well as on the jars on our pantry area in the kitchen.  I really want to see everything neat and organized.

I have more to organized and I'm just excited to share some of my projects here in this blog soon.

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