Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY : Vase Arrangement

Last week, I had a chance to work on some DIY projects at home.  I'm much into arts and crafts lately and upon seeing this old vase sitting in one corner of the living room, I've decided to put some twist by adding some gift cloth and ribbons which are already available in the house.  As much as possible, I want to decorate on a budget and avoid spending much on fancy things that we could buy from the shops.  Creativity is the key and there's always something that we could do out of what we have at home. :)

Here's what I've got:

Did you notice what's inside? Those are actually broom sticks (walis tingting) which were adorned by some dried bark of trees shaped into leaves.  I really like it and this beautiful creation is now occupying the corner space of our living room.

I also make a center piece for our center table that matches my vase.  I got to replace it from time to time depending on the occasion and depending on my mood, lol.

Till my next project! :)


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vases and Bamboos

When it comes to home decorations, I always love that oriental look and basically, my main subjects are vases and bamboos.  I love vases especially the one with earth colors.  I love it more when you got to pair it with bamboos.  I find it cool and appealing.  It doesn't only beautify your space but it looks very refreshing. 
Maybe because, I have that impression that I am outdoors whenever I see bamboos.

I had the chance to go around the mall last weekend and I passed that Christmas Bazaar where there are lots of home decors on display.  I cannot control myself but to have a closer look at these beautiful vases with bamboos.  Luckily that no one stopped me when I took a shot of these in front of the store. (lol)  

Really lovely, right?  If you are on a budget, you can skip buying bamboos from malls as it's more expensive to get one there.  I suggest you get it from the market or you can contact someone staying on the countryside to get those bamboos from you, that's how I've done it before and it saved me a lot of bucks. Also, instead of the vases shown above, you may opt to get ordinary plant pots.  It's not about the kind of material you used, it's how you you use your creativity to arrange your vases and bamboos.  :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY : Memo Board

I am pleased with the outcome of my newest project! A DIY Memo Board a.k.a. "Reminder's Board". :)

This is actually at the back of the door of one of the shelves of my wardrobe cabinet.  I want to maximize the space that I've got and since I've found it bare, I thought of creating a memo board out of that door.  It will make the door more functional and at the same time, I will always be reminded about my tasks every time I open that shelf which is actually happens few times a day.

I also decorated it with some cute proverbs and sayings which I printed from the computer.  It makes my memo board colorful and attractive!

The only thing I spent for in this project is the cork board which I bought from National Book Store for Php117.00.  The rest were just acquired from my old organizers and some were printed from our computer.

Now, I will always be reminded with my appointments or daily tasks and everything seemed organized! :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Creating More Closet Storage

When I decided to replace my wardrobe cabinet after the old one has been destroyed by the great flood that struck the city, I purposely ordered for a bigger one.  I have lots of personal stuff and this includes all the things that I've acquired when I was still working in Cambodia.  My old cabinet is not that big and I didn't think of replacing it then since I just stay in the Philippines once in a while during my scheduled vacations which would not normally last for even a month.  But now that I'm staying home for good, I need to create more space for my clothes, bags, fashion accessories, toiletries, make up, skin care products, perfumes and a lot more. :)

I love organizing and it's a fact.  I've been reorganizing everything in the house since I arrived and I'm not yet done until now. :)  Well, I'm fond of printing labels for the storage baskets in the cabinet and crafts corner as well as on the jars on our pantry area in the kitchen.  I really want to see everything neat and organized.

I have more to organized and I'm just excited to share some of my projects here in this blog soon.

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