Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Table Top Decorating

I'm planning to make a table center piece for our living room and dining room.  This will be in preparation for the Christmas season.  But I'm thinking of something unique and of course easy on the pocket.  I would admit since I came back home a month ago, I've been spending quite a lot for the restoration of the house.  I couldn't afford to see that my home sweet home was devastated after the great flood that struck our city almost two months ago.  Thus, I'm hoping to use my creativity in decorating my home without ruining my budget.  

I think these two designs here are cool.... 

I could very well get some twigs from the backyard and buy some tea candles at a local shop. This looks so natural and elegant.  I'm feeling excited to come up with one. :)

This design is quite simple and I already have readily available materials at home.  I think I would settle for this one for the dining room and the first design would surely be great for my living room. :)

Anymore ideas to share?

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