Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stationery Organizer

I am thinking of having a crafts corner which will double as a charging station for our home gadgets. Actually, this will be done on a repurposed mini dresser that I bought from a furniture store few years ago.  Since I have ordered for a custom made wardrobe cabinet for our master's bedroom, I've lost the space for that mini dresser, so I just thought of using it for other purpose and also to relocate it somewhere in the dining area.   As usual, I am finding ways and means to save for my home projects and to make use of what's already available in the house, so I thought of making my own stationery organizer, something similar to the one shown above.  It's actually made from recycled card boards, paper towel rolls and toilet paper tubes.  I have lots of these at home, so I might as well use these for my project.  

Will post here my finished project soon. :)

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