Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Smart Ways To Organize Your Ribbons

As Christmas season is fast approaching, chances are, you are already thinking about tons of gifts that you need to prepare for your family and friends.  I have my own way of preparing my gifts before which I only ceased to do since I work abroad, but now that I will be back and is planning to stay at home for good, I might be back with my  "old ways" of preparing for my gifts.  I love to prepare gifts in advance and it's a year round activity.  

I normally buy gifts, wrapping papers and ribbons whenever I see that there is a big sale on stores.  I would keep these stuff until I am satisfied with the number.  This way, I would not notice about my spending as I would just normally take this from my savings from the house budget.  This is the reason why I am able to save my Christmas bonus those years that I am working in the Philippines.

Speaking of gifts, I've found a great way to organize those ribbons and other craft materials that could be used for your gift wrapping.  You see those photos above?  I think it's simple and very cheap too.  This will be a big help for you to gather those ribbons in one place and get everything organized.

I'll make one....definitely!  :) 

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