Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kitchen Storage Ideas

I am thinking of creating more storage spaces for our kitchen.  Now that we already made use of our pantry cabinet to store our baking supplies and tools for our cup cake business, I just think that there is now a need to create more storage spaces and to rearrange our kitchen stuff.  It's a bit messy now, I know and I do not blame our house helper for this.  I was not present in the house for the last 6 months and I understand that organization has never been a favorite task for a house helper.  Nobody would have the patience to do this except the home maker herself, of course.

So, I am now thinking and searching for some fresh ideas on how I can possibly make a difference when it comes to organizing my kitchen.

Love these designs that I saw online:

Instead of the rattan boxes, we can also make use of plastic baskets for storage.  I think plastic baskets are cheaper alternative and I love the idea that these are washables, too.

Hope I could come up with other storage ideas that would fit my kitchen space.  That I would love to do very soon. :)

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