Monday, October 28, 2013

Tree Bookcase

Just happen to see this creative tree bookcase and I thought of sharing this here for the book lovers out there.  I know that we are already on a digital age and most of us are having Ipads, tablets and e-book readers where we can have the luxury of storing our favorite books in one single gadget but I'm pretty sure that there are still some who couldn't get'away with their paper backs. I myself is still keeping some of my favorite traditional books and I intend to keep them forever. 

So this tree bookcase will give you a unique and creative way of storing your favorite books which could definitely be an eye catcher in your bedroom. 

Want to give it a try?

Kids Bedroom Ideas

For families with four kids or more, here are some space saving kids bedroom design ideas.  I love the fact that gorgeous bedroom designs are not only confined to big spaces.  Any size will do as long as we know how how to maximize space and use our creativity and imagination to create a bedroom design that's not only functional but a pleasant place for our kids to stay and have fun!

Love these bed bunks...really cool!

Because of these space saving ideas, I get more inspired to have customized furniture for the house.  This way, we can assure that only durable materials were used for our furniture and we can have the design customized based on our requirements.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kitchen Storage Ideas

I am thinking of creating more storage spaces for our kitchen.  Now that we already made use of our pantry cabinet to store our baking supplies and tools for our cup cake business, I just think that there is now a need to create more storage spaces and to rearrange our kitchen stuff.  It's a bit messy now, I know and I do not blame our house helper for this.  I was not present in the house for the last 6 months and I understand that organization has never been a favorite task for a house helper.  Nobody would have the patience to do this except the home maker herself, of course.

So, I am now thinking and searching for some fresh ideas on how I can possibly make a difference when it comes to organizing my kitchen.

Love these designs that I saw online:

Instead of the rattan boxes, we can also make use of plastic baskets for storage.  I think plastic baskets are cheaper alternative and I love the idea that these are washables, too.

Hope I could come up with other storage ideas that would fit my kitchen space.  That I would love to do very soon. :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Get Organized Using PVC Pipes

If you are running short of storage spaces like I do, there's a smart  way of maximizing your cabinet space. You can make use of the very versatile plastic PVC pipes.  This is very simple to do!  Just cut the plastic PVC pipe according to your desired lenght and this of course depends on what item you would like to store. Just stick those pipes against the door of your cabinets and voila you can successfully create an additional storage space for your other stuff in the house. 

I'm thinking of creating more uses for these plastic pipes aside from what was mentioned above.  Don't worry, I'll be sharing this with you on my future posts.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Smart Ways To Organize Your Ribbons

As Christmas season is fast approaching, chances are, you are already thinking about tons of gifts that you need to prepare for your family and friends.  I have my own way of preparing my gifts before which I only ceased to do since I work abroad, but now that I will be back and is planning to stay at home for good, I might be back with my  "old ways" of preparing for my gifts.  I love to prepare gifts in advance and it's a year round activity.  

I normally buy gifts, wrapping papers and ribbons whenever I see that there is a big sale on stores.  I would keep these stuff until I am satisfied with the number.  This way, I would not notice about my spending as I would just normally take this from my savings from the house budget.  This is the reason why I am able to save my Christmas bonus those years that I am working in the Philippines.

Speaking of gifts, I've found a great way to organize those ribbons and other craft materials that could be used for your gift wrapping.  You see those photos above?  I think it's simple and very cheap too.  This will be a big help for you to gather those ribbons in one place and get everything organized.

I'll make one....definitely!  :) 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tips For A Spotless Floor

Since we are still on the "clean up stage" as a result of a great flood that hits our city sometime last September, I've been constantly searching for some easy cleaning solution for my home sweet home. Our loyal house helper and kids are all trying their best to restore our house in it's original condition and we all want the same thing, that is to see our house spotless same like before. Everything is getting better and I'm happy that everything is slowly getting back to normal now. But what I want to do now is to give our floor a shiny and spotless appearance.

Glad that I've found this floor cleaning solution:

1/4 cup white vinegar
1 tbsp liquid dish soap
1/4 cup baking soda
2 gallons tap water

I've heard about the power of baking soda and vinegar a number of times in the past and I am convinced that these two are really a winning combination as far as cleaning is concerned.  So these two will be the top on my list when I prepare the list of the grocery items that I need to buy once I get back home.

Have you tried this yet? 

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