Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Use Fun Paint Technique on Your Floor

Put life to your backyard with this fun and easy project!  

Discover the fun way of adding personality to a focal point in your backyard for less.  Yes, for less. This weekend project doesn't even require much time and money.  All you should have is a creative mind and hand plus some basic materials such as acrylic paint, paint plasters, white concrete paint, stencil for your design and satin concrete sealer. Easy Peesy!

In this colorful design, a concrete white paint was used as primer.  The trick is to start from the outward edges then going into the middle afterwards.  Sections should be painted one at a time and paint should be allowed to completely dry before applying the tape for the next design.  Additional designs can be made later inside the squares.  This floor design is really eye catching and any onlooker would mistaken it for a floor rag.

Add few pieces of outdoor furniture after completing the design.  Make sure that the color of your furniture will match the chosen color combination for the floor.  Add few pieces of potted plants and voila! A stylish outdoors!

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