Sunday, September 1, 2013

Easy Window Treatment

Are you the kind of home maker who always love to shop for fancy curtains with all those laces, vibrant colors and intricate patterns?  I do! I always get fascinated with beautiful curtains.  Why not?  Cute and colorful curtains when added to your windows create a bright statement.  I choose the fabric with eye catching patterns and designs and with colors that will complement the overall motif of the room where I intend to install these curtains.  But apart from using it as an added decoration, curtains also have various functions such as providing privacy to your homes, regulating the amount of light that enters your home and to block dirt and dusts that could easily penetrate your rooms.

These are only some of the reasons why I'm very particular with choosing curtains for our house.  Price has never never been an issue.  There also lots of curtain fabrics in the market that are economical but comes with attractive designs and patterns.  All what it takes is an eye for details and quality workmanship.  I also reserve some curtains for special occasions like Christmas and other events that I considered special to the family.

Installing nice and elaborate curtain designs is one way of adding beauty to your windows, protect your homes and attract the attention of your visitors.   

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