Friday, September 20, 2013

Cheap Christmas Decor

As I will be definitely home for Christmas, I am now on a look out for new design ideas for my humble home.  My kids could very well attest to the fact that I love decorating and whenever I decorate, I always add a little bit of excitement by coming up with a new and unique idea that would make my design noticeable.  I have this belief that home decors need not be expensive.  I am more challenged to come up with a design that's budget friendly without sacrificing beauty and quality.  That's what makes interior decorating truly interesting!  As I want to come up with just a simple Christmas decor, I suddenly thought that this simple star made from bamboo sticks would suffice.  All I need is a small can of paint, a brush, some pretty ornaments and Christmas lights and I would already have a symbol of Christmas floating in my home.  I am excited to try this but I'm thinking whether I would go for gold or red and green for the accent.

Any suggestion?

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