Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bring Life To Your Outdoors!

My love for plants was already evident when I was still a child, but it was only when I first acquired my very own home did I cultivate this hobby and interest.  I have this notion that no matter how simple or modest your house is, with plenty of plants and flowers, this can be transformed into a paradise. Indeed it's true, our first house is a plain and simple one but we have lots of greens around the yard.  The presence of a variety of flowering plants with all it's vibrant colors even make our place looking nice and attractive. No one has entered our modest yard not feeling overwhelmed with the beauty of the surroundings. Everyone is complementing  our luscious greens and the colorful roses in uniformly sized pots lined up on our porch. These words make me grin most of the times.  I can't help but feel proud of our humble home. :)


  1. I wonder if what's the name of the purple flower with white borders. Looks lovely! My mum will like that.


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