Friday, August 16, 2013

What Is Your Living Room For?

The way we arrange our living room depends largely on how we see our living room. If you see your living room as a place to entertain family and friends, then you should consider an easy to move seating to accommodate extra guests and perhaps a larger center table or a service trolley for cocktails and drinks.

If you see your living room as a "hobby area", then you may want to create more storage spaces for your DVD's, CD's, or books.

By deciding on how you want to use your living room will give you an idea on how to decorate it and make it more functional according to your needs and requirements.  Your decorating style should prevail in your living room.  You may use the area to receive guests but it is not created to satisfy them but to satisfy you as the home owner.  After all, you will always be the one who would see and use it most of the time, so it is but practical to decorate and arrange it based on your own personal preference.  The size of your room should also determine what kind of furniture should be used.

How you arrange your living room clearly reflects your personality, as it it can very well describe your hobbies and life style.  Choosing the perfect color is also important as it needs to complement with the other areas of the house.  To save on budget, you should look on what you already have in the house and repurpose them.  This way, you will be able to put those old stuff into good use and save money in the long run.

Choosing a design for my living room and adding home decors especially those that were personally crafted has always been a happy experience for me.

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