Saturday, August 3, 2013

Food Storage - How Long Does Food Last?

Did you ever experienced buying too many items during your grocery shopping without checking your pantry prior, only to realize that you still have a lot in stock and ended up wasting money?  I myself had been guilty of this in the past and sometimes, even up to now.  Not having any idea on how long you can store your food items may lead to spoilage and in the long term,  waste of money.

The secret is, checking our pantry items regularly, and having a list of the items stored can keep us well rounded with what meals do we have to prepare for the day and the days to come.  In menu preparations, we have to consider which items need to go first and we should cook our meals based on the said schedule. In that way, we can prevent items from being spoiled before we actually use them.  I used to cook based on my instinct and based on what I crave for on a particular day.  I do not worry much on what do I have in stock and their expiration dates and because of this,  I ended up wasting my food items and of course this translates to wasting your hard earned money.

But by experience, we learned and this helps us organize ourselves well.  Looking at the diagram above, you will have an idea of how long you can store certain food items on freezer and in your pantry.  That will help you a lot in your meal preparations and eventually save on your budget.

Start having an inventory of the items in your pantry, make a menu plan based on the stocks that you have and schedule your meal preparations on the basis of "first in, first out".  This way, you can utilize all your stock fully and in time. 

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