Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Want to share this spring cleaning list for the kitchen courtesy of  I also do periodic cleaning of the kitchen and other areas of the house, too.  I do it twice a year, normally before the Christmas season and once during summer.  But this is on top of the daily cleaning routine, of course.  Sometimes, we have some hard to reach areas in the house that are often neglected, so having a general cleaning schedule quarterly or semi annually will be of great help.  In the Philippines where rainy season is on an extended period, it it a must to clean regularly.  Molds and other forms of bacteria are formed during the wet season and we should get rid of these.  That's why sometimes, we spend a lot on paints as we normally retouch the paint on outdoor ceilings of the house after the rainy season.  This maintenance helps us not only to keep the ceiling looking fresh and clean but it also helps to strenghten the woods against wear and tear.     

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