Sunday, August 25, 2013

Creating More Storage Out of Small Space

How nice to see that lots of storage spaces can be made out of a small space here in this featured design and not only that, how would you find it if those storage spaces are created for dual purpose?  Cool, huh?

You see how these steps on the staircase were transformed into cute storage boxes?  Lots of storage had been created out of those wooden steps.  This is in contrary to the traditional staircase that were built just for the purpose.  I guess this is a good solution for those home owners having limited space in their house and storage has been a problem most especially if there are lots of family members sharing the house.

In this featured design, a loft bed can be found on top of the staircase which is another space saving solution.

1 comment:

  1. Incredible post!!! Wow…I am amazed to see like how easily we can make more storage spaces even in a little space. These creative tips gonna very-2 helpful for small home owners.


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