Saturday, August 24, 2013

Charcoal For Home Use

A lot has been told on the important uses of charcoal at home and I would agree that it's the safest, cheapest and most natural way of eliminating odor in the house as well as taking moisture out of the air as needed. Charcoal works to freshen the air by taking or adding moisture, as needed.  

I also remembered putting a piece of charcoal inside our refrigerator to eliminate odor caused by the presence of left over foods stored inside the fridge.  

How does charcoal works?  Charcoal holds clean air and release it when needed.  Charcoal reacts to the air by releasing moisture if the air is too dry and absorbing moisture if it's to humid. You see, there's a lot of benefits that we could derived out of small cheap things that are often neglected in the house.  So, the next time you had left over charcoal from your BBQ party at home, try to keep it and use it as air purifier and humidifier as the case maybe.  

It's one cool way of saving money than going for commercial ones which are more costly and unfriendly to the environment.

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