Sunday, August 25, 2013

Creating More Storage Out of Small Space

How nice to see that lots of storage spaces can be made out of a small space here in this featured design and not only that, how would you find it if those storage spaces are created for dual purpose?  Cool, huh?

You see how these steps on the staircase were transformed into cute storage boxes?  Lots of storage had been created out of those wooden steps.  This is in contrary to the traditional staircase that were built just for the purpose.  I guess this is a good solution for those home owners having limited space in their house and storage has been a problem most especially if there are lots of family members sharing the house.

In this featured design, a loft bed can be found on top of the staircase which is another space saving solution.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Charcoal For Home Use

A lot has been told on the important uses of charcoal at home and I would agree that it's the safest, cheapest and most natural way of eliminating odor in the house as well as taking moisture out of the air as needed. Charcoal works to freshen the air by taking or adding moisture, as needed.  

I also remembered putting a piece of charcoal inside our refrigerator to eliminate odor caused by the presence of left over foods stored inside the fridge.  

How does charcoal works?  Charcoal holds clean air and release it when needed.  Charcoal reacts to the air by releasing moisture if the air is too dry and absorbing moisture if it's to humid. You see, there's a lot of benefits that we could derived out of small cheap things that are often neglected in the house.  So, the next time you had left over charcoal from your BBQ party at home, try to keep it and use it as air purifier and humidifier as the case maybe.  

It's one cool way of saving money than going for commercial ones which are more costly and unfriendly to the environment.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Cool Headboard Design For Less!

If you are looking for ways to make your own headboard but can't decide on what design you'll pursue due to a limited budget, then you may try this design featured above.  This unique headboard design was made out of cheap materials like the ordinary picture frames that could be bought from a thrift store and some pieces of scrap lumber.  All you have to do is repaint the wooden frames according to your color of preference, buy some glues and scrap booking materials or embellishments that you could use to design your picture frames, some cute ribbons and voila, a wonderful work of art!

You may want to create letters spelling out your kid's name or perhaps you may want to use their own cute photos instead of letters.  

Friday, August 16, 2013

What Is Your Living Room For?

The way we arrange our living room depends largely on how we see our living room. If you see your living room as a place to entertain family and friends, then you should consider an easy to move seating to accommodate extra guests and perhaps a larger center table or a service trolley for cocktails and drinks.

If you see your living room as a "hobby area", then you may want to create more storage spaces for your DVD's, CD's, or books.

By deciding on how you want to use your living room will give you an idea on how to decorate it and make it more functional according to your needs and requirements.  Your decorating style should prevail in your living room.  You may use the area to receive guests but it is not created to satisfy them but to satisfy you as the home owner.  After all, you will always be the one who would see and use it most of the time, so it is but practical to decorate and arrange it based on your own personal preference.  The size of your room should also determine what kind of furniture should be used.

How you arrange your living room clearly reflects your personality, as it it can very well describe your hobbies and life style.  Choosing the perfect color is also important as it needs to complement with the other areas of the house.  To save on budget, you should look on what you already have in the house and repurpose them.  This way, you will be able to put those old stuff into good use and save money in the long run.

Choosing a design for my living room and adding home decors especially those that were personally crafted has always been a happy experience for me.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bedroom Corner Transformed Into Work Space

I just loved the way this bedroom corner was transformed into a work space.  It''s cute and compact! Space consumed is very small and yet it comes in complete package.  A study table, some drawers and shelves on top.  Awesome!   I super like the color combination too. :)

It's simple and yet it would definitely be an eye catcher.  A great way to put that small corner space into good use.  Brilliant idea!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Do It Yourself Canvas Craft

Another great find that I had recently is this gorgeous canvas craft. I think this is very easy to do and wouldn't even require you to spend a lot on the materials to be used.  I guess this would be a great home decor anytime of the year but especially during the holidays season.

Materials used were old twigs, artificial grasses that can be bought from crafts store, glue, glue gun, decorative gift wrapper or craft paper and perhaps an old picture frame in the house that's no longer in use. You may also want to use an illustration board  or a plywood if you like.   


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Want to share this spring cleaning list for the kitchen courtesy of  I also do periodic cleaning of the kitchen and other areas of the house, too.  I do it twice a year, normally before the Christmas season and once during summer.  But this is on top of the daily cleaning routine, of course.  Sometimes, we have some hard to reach areas in the house that are often neglected, so having a general cleaning schedule quarterly or semi annually will be of great help.  In the Philippines where rainy season is on an extended period, it it a must to clean regularly.  Molds and other forms of bacteria are formed during the wet season and we should get rid of these.  That's why sometimes, we spend a lot on paints as we normally retouch the paint on outdoor ceilings of the house after the rainy season.  This maintenance helps us not only to keep the ceiling looking fresh and clean but it also helps to strenghten the woods against wear and tear.     

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Food Storage - How Long Does Food Last?

Did you ever experienced buying too many items during your grocery shopping without checking your pantry prior, only to realize that you still have a lot in stock and ended up wasting money?  I myself had been guilty of this in the past and sometimes, even up to now.  Not having any idea on how long you can store your food items may lead to spoilage and in the long term,  waste of money.

The secret is, checking our pantry items regularly, and having a list of the items stored can keep us well rounded with what meals do we have to prepare for the day and the days to come.  In menu preparations, we have to consider which items need to go first and we should cook our meals based on the said schedule. In that way, we can prevent items from being spoiled before we actually use them.  I used to cook based on my instinct and based on what I crave for on a particular day.  I do not worry much on what do I have in stock and their expiration dates and because of this,  I ended up wasting my food items and of course this translates to wasting your hard earned money.

But by experience, we learned and this helps us organize ourselves well.  Looking at the diagram above, you will have an idea of how long you can store certain food items on freezer and in your pantry.  That will help you a lot in your meal preparations and eventually save on your budget.

Start having an inventory of the items in your pantry, make a menu plan based on the stocks that you have and schedule your meal preparations on the basis of "first in, first out".  This way, you can utilize all your stock fully and in time. 

Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning our homes and getting organized should be a responsibility of everyone in the family.  Make cleaning and organizing an enjoyable task by enticing your kids to participate and giving them rewards.  Rewards can be in a form of small things that they like or simple pleasures like a treat in a cinema or a stroll and picnic at the park on a week end.  This way, we could keep our homes clean and teach our kids to be responsible in their own little ways.

This is only a bathroom checklist but you can tweak it to make a similar one for the garage, backyard, kitchen and bedrooms. 

Bamboo Decors

I always love using bamboos as home decor due to a number of reasons.  It is versatile, cheap and always gives a natural touch to your homes.  It's not difficult to find too.

On the photo shown above, bamboos were used to form a divider between the sink and toilet for privacy and of course, as an artistic decor.  I love the way those bamboos were transformed to an earth tone color making the paneled bamboos more attractive and artistic.  I love it just the way it is, but if you want to add more color, you may want to hang some ornaments but in this design, I think it is best in it's simple form.

You may want to use paneled bamboos in your outdoor rooms, too. :)

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